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Troy Lee Designs

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Tory Lee Designs History

Since Troy Lee started the company thirty years ago, building it on a foundation of power and design, TLD has expanded its horizons to not only designing Troy Lee Helmets "For the World's Fastest Racers", but also apparel, protective gear, sportswear and accessories. Never has the company strayed from its seminal concept that design is "art with a clearly-defined purpose." This philosophy is the reason they are able to create racing gear that leads the market in innovative manufacturing methods that result in helmets and apparel that strike a perfect balance of protection, performance, and style, while providing that all important ingredient - comfort. In order to achieving these goals TLD's designers look to the racer on the course. TLD gets feedback from racing's best athletes who include dirt trackers, road racers, NASCAR, Indy, and F1 competitors, MotoX'ers, Freestylers and Enduro enthusiasts, BTM or MTX, Troy Lee Designs weaves their specific needs into cutting edge products that stand up to the rigorous demands of racing.

Troy Lee Designers and Technology

Technology is a major aspect of TLD's product development. Designers regard it as an indispensable tool for turning their visions into the reality. This pursuit has resulted in protective gear with intelligent, intuitive features that respond to a rider's body, as it reacts to his environment. A rider clad in Troy Lee Motocross Gear knows she can rely on it when forced to execute split-second decisions into on-the-spot corrections or maneuvers, that are part and parcel of competitive racing as well as everyday riding.

Technology plays a big part in TLD racing graphics as well. Troy Lee-designed helmets have always been instantly recognizable because of their edgy, fast forward designs that imply speed before a bike has even moved. With this in mind, TLD seeks out vendors who employ state of the art manufacturing technology that allows them to produce helmet graphics that would have been only a dream five years ago.

Whether it pertains to safety or art, TLD's relationships with its vendors plays a vital role in allowing them to advance to where it is today. Working hand in hand, they create a seamless environment where each nudges the other on to surmount previously un-unreachable barriers.

Troy Lee Designs Researchers and Developers

If power and design are the foundation of Troy Lee Designs, research & development provide the building blocks.

First, product developers look to the real time racing and sporting world in search of any market opportunities that may be hatching. If they perceive a product vacuum that needs filling, the process turns conceptual, as designers work toward developing a potential product. If the scientific materials, technique, and processes needed to develop the product already exist, the development team builds on it. If they do not exist, the research team springs to action to discover or invent them.

TLD is a firm adherent to the "it takes a village" concept in bringing a product to market. Their solid vendor alliance comes into play as they work with manufacturers to bring the concept to fruition. And once a product is in beta phase, TLD reaches out to racers to try them out in their various fields and provide feedback.

Finally, the product is subjected to fierce quality testing in TLD facilities and manufacturing sites. When, and only when, they are satisfied that the product meets brand standards, does it go to market. Time is of no essence, rather it is seen as a valuable investment toward the future of the brand.

Troy Lee Gear

With three decades of experience behind it, Troy Lee Designs has become a renowned source for all things "cycle", with a compete line of apparel, helmets, and protection for off-road biking and motorcycling, accessories, sportswear. And fulfilling a dream come true for Troy lee, who once worked all alone in that long ago garage, TLD now proudly operates the TLD / Lucas Oil / Honda motocross and supercross racing team

Who'd ever imagine that the teen-aged motocross racer who set up shop in his parents garage to paint rad designs on his and friends' helmets would go on to found TLD, one of the world's premier customized helmet and motorcycle riding gear manufacturer.