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Schuberth Helmets

Schuberth Helmets have been created and designed specifically for safety and comfort for the better part of a century. Designed and built in Germany, these helmets offer riders, racers, and policemen and firemen safe products created to save lives. From carbon fiber and composite materials that keep skulls safe in the event of an impact to increased air flow, vents, and intakes, helmets like these are made to perform and protect. Less seams, softer materials, extra padding, and strategic placement allow Schuberth to offer superior comfort in a quality tested, safe helmet. They are designed to give riders the ability to communicate, enjoy, and stay safe while riding or when protecting members of the local community.

Schuberth's modular motorcycle helmets are designed for protecting people and for comfortable style. They are some of the quietest helmets on the market thanks to Schuberth's private wind tunnel tests that ensure superior aerodynamics for racers. When the helmets are outfitted with the optional SRC system so that riders with the system can communicate while riding, and listen to the radio, mp3 player, or cell phone is easily accomplished with Bluetooth technology.

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