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Roland Sands Design

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Roland Sands Design History

Roland Sands, the 1998 American Motorcyclist Association 250GP champion, decided to end his 10-year professional racing career after a series of injuries that left 32 of his bones broken. However, the injuries did not stop his love for the sport. In 2005, the champion record holder decided to form Roland Sands Design to make an even bigger contribution to the motorcycle industry. The company's product designs are created using a mixture of sport bike and custom bike influences which have become popular around the world.

Sands began riding an RM 50 dirt bike when he was just five years old and immediately fell in love with the sport. His designs have earned several awards throughout the years and he has played a key role in popularizing custom bikes and motocross apparel to the masses. The company targets everyone who enjoys the two wheeled life to include custom bike builders and riders, off-road, road racers, dirt track, and supermoto. This diverse group of riders allows the company to work with some of the most well-known clients in the motorcycle industry to include Harley-Davidson, Ducati, Dunlop, Yamaha, Piaggio, and many more.

Today, the company has been featured in more than 500 magazines around the world. In addition, it has been profiled on the cover of over 100 magazines and has a huge presence at several American motorcycle events and rallies year-round. The company also participates in several international shows for the motorcycle industry and beyond.

Roland Sands has also been featured on several popular TV shows to include Chopper Nation, Nitro Circus, Biker Build Off, American Thunder, and more. The company's founder has a natural eye for design in the world of apparel and his creativity stands out from the others. People love every new Roland Sands design because it appeals to the machismo appearance that many riders want to achieve while enjoying the thrill of the ride.

Roland Sands Motorcycle Jackets

The jacket designs that Roland Sands Design produces are made of quality distressed leather. These jackets offer a high degree of abrasion resistance yet riders do not feel that full range of movement is restricted. Since the leather is very pliable and come with pre-curved sleeves, there is little need for break in time. Jackets come with extra padding the shoulder panels and elbows with pockets sewn into the liner for shoulder, elbow, and back protection. Most designs also come with perforated air vents to let a small amount of air in for added ventilation.

Roland Sands Clash Jacket

The Clash is one of the most popular jackets made by Roland Sands due to its stunning design. When wearing this jacket, you will definitely get compliments from others on how great you look. It comes with great features such as a detailed rocker style, offset front zipper, front zipper pockets, and a shorty snap collar.

Roland Sands also offers a range of other types of gear for men and women to include: armor, tees, helmets, hoodies, hats, gloves, and more. The company introduced a huge line of the new product designs include a combination of caps, beanies, tees, and new jacket styles for both men and women.

What we expect from Roland Sands in 2015

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