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REV'IT! has changed the motorcycle industry with their intro to the motorbike market in 1995. When you browse their products, you will realize that they are here to produce the most innovative, fully functional and incredibly stylish motorcycle apparel available anywhere. Revit has devoted countless hours of R&D and this has prepared Revit for whatever motorcycle adventure you might have in your future; from craving an exact line through the twisties, to venturing through city streets, to exploring the paths less traveled. Revit will lead you through that upcoming adventure with gear that is built to perform and protect how ever it is that you choose to push the limits. Contact us via phone or email if you have any questions regarding Revit, Hydratex or any features of these jackets and clothing. For one-on-one sizing on Rev'it visit our boutique located in the New York, New Jersey area.




Rev'it Vapor Textile Jacket

When riding on the road, you do not want to compromise anything. The Rev'it Vaport Textile Jacket is the most versatile jacket there is for riders out there. It is made for style, comfort, and protection from all types of weather conditions. The Rev'it Vapor Textile Jacket, when zipped up, is 100% waterproof. The rain will not stop you from enjoying your ride in the city or along the countryside. A vent was created on the Z liner membrane of the jacket that allows you to enjoy unprecedented breathability. It provides direct airflow throughout the body despite it being zipped up. You can wear this jacket during all four seasons. It has a detachable thermal liner that you can remove during sunny days and you will still get the protection that you need from ultraviolet light and temperature extremes. This jacket has a unique fit which aims to deliver ease in wearing since it includes innovative height-adjustable straps in the underarms and at the waist. It is also equipped with a reflective logo which keeps you visible at night. The Vapor is perfect for year round exploring as well as four-season travel.

Rev'it Vapor Textile Pants

Riders who love to ride their bikes all year round will undeniably appreciate the Rev'it Vapor Textile Pants. Whether it is for a daily ride around the city or a weekend getaway to the countryside, these pants will surely help you enjoy the thrill of the sport. It is fully geared with a Pro Life hip and knee protector that is made of elastomer. It is very light, flexible, and guaranteed to be impact-resistant. Ventilation zippers are strategically located so that you will get excellent air flow to cool the body when the temperature rises. By just opening and closing the zippers, air flow can be easily regulated to circulate around the body as needed by the rider. One of the best features of these pants is the grip panel located on the seat to ensure that you stay in place and maintain control while riding all-terrain; you will definitely not slide from your seat. Reflection panels were built in the pants to ensure rider visibility not only at the back and front but from all directions. To match with any Rev'it Jacket, it has a connection zipper to complete your gear and help provide maximum protection.

Rev'it Voltiac Textile Jacket

Riders are always looking for that one piece of garment that can provide protection in all types of weather conditions. There is no need to look anymore since the Rev'it Voltiac Textile Jacket has it all. It is made of waterproof material combined with breathability that works great in all seasons. It also has a detachable thermal liner which keeps riders warm during winter and can be easily detached when temperature rises. Another great thing about this jacket is the flexisnap. This feature makes it possible to adjust the circumference of the collar conveniently and easily. It can be personalized based on the style preference of the rider. However, it is not there for style purposes alone. A wider collar serves as a wind collar to protect you during winter while it lets cooling wind into the collar during the summer. Rev'it has carefully researched and developed this jacket to suit the needs of every rider for daily commutes or for racing purposes. It is made of high end fabrics combined to deliver tear-resistance, durability, and optimum performance without compromising comfort and style.

Rev'it Elysee Jacket

Since not all riders are rugged, there are also those who travel to work in business attire or have plans to meet someone for a business meeting. Rev'it got it covered. The Elysee Jacket is specifically made to be worn over a business jacket. The best feature about this jacket is the integration of corporate design and protective performance. It is made with polyester oxford which is a manmade material that is not only strong and durable but is also water-resistant. It is wearable in all types of weather conditions because of its waterproofing capabilities and breathability. Rev'it values the comfort of riders which is why this jacket has a two-way zipper in the front which allows more space to provide freedom of movement. On the inside, you will get full protection at the shoulders and elbows; it has detachable thermal liners to keep you warm during winter and they are removable during summer. It also features a wind catcher at the waist, comfort panels at the upper back, and knitted cuffs. Integrating into the business world is never difficult with the Elysee Jacket. You can wear it anyway you want it. It is not only stylish but you will also feel safe while riding your bike around the city.

Rev'it Piazza 2 Jacket

The Rev'it Piazza 2 Jacket gives you maximum riding protection featuring a handsome polywool twill outer shell (60% polyester, 40% wool) with a 100% polyester lining provides waterproof protection and breathability. Although stylish touches like an integrated back belt, a Napoleon pocket and innovatively styled "un-losable" buttons make for a tailored look, the Rev'it Piazza 2 Jacket never forgets it's a riding jacket, with features like CE shoulder and elbow protectors, and a pocket to add Seesoft CE level 2 back protector insert. Ergonomic features designed with an active rider like you in mind include adjustable cuff tabs, a waist wind catcher, two-way front zipper, back comfort panels, inner pockets and slit pockets. For riding on colder days, you can zip in the 100% polyester thermal lining with its own collar and knitted cuffs to ward off the cold. And for that all important matter of visibility, the collar of the Piazza 2 jacket incorporates a reflective strip.

Rev'it Rockefeller Jeans

Rev'it Rockefeller Jeans have what what you're looking for in a motorcycle jean - maximum protection that doesn't compromise all day comfort. An outer shell of 12.5 ounce cordura denim, fully lined with PWR shielded polyester twill provide an abrasion shield that is also cutting force-resistant. Comfort features such as a Coolmax element to wick moisture away from your body, mechanical stretch, and a comfort seat maximize long periods of riding and minimize rest stops. The outer shell is composed of 50% cotton, 30% polyester, and 20% polyamide; the lining, a 50% split of polyester and cotton, and the protective layer is 100% polyamide. These five pocket relax-fit jeans feature adjustable protector pockets, a triple needle stitching at the outer seams and back rise, a double front and back waist band. PWR yarn-constructed triple-stitched inseams, Sas-Tec CE protection shields at the knee, Tryonic Seesoft CE-level Type B hip protectors with a double- layered PWR shield, and a hem safety strap add extra-mile protection to insure that the Rev'it Rockefeller Jeans meet all EN 13595 CE-level norm standards.

Rev'it Memphis H20 Jeans

The Rev'it Memphis H2O is not just your ordinary everyday pair of jeans. It is the first of its kind in the line of waterproof jeans. These jeans come in a regular relax fit which makes them highly comfortable and stylish.The seams have been relocated to provide comfort while seated on a bike and permit more liberty of movement. This is a great feature especially when riding for an extended period of time. With adjustable protector pockets, it can be altered in different positions to suit the needs and comfort of each rider. Because it is tailored with triple needle stitching at side seam and back rise, you are guaranteed of its strength and durability. These jeans are specially made in 3 layers to provide comfort and protection. Its outer shell is made of denim which is 70% cotton and 30% polyester. The 2nd layer is the hydrate membrane which makes it waterproof and ensures that no water can get inside. It is finished off by a mesh which feels light and comfortable next to the skin. The lining is double layered with PWR Shield which increases its tear and abrasion resistance levels. You no longer need to worry about postponing your ride in the event you find yourself riding in a downpour. Enjoy your ride, rain or shine, with the stylish and comfortable Memphis H2O Jeans.

Rev'it Jersey Jeans

The Rev'it Jersey Jeans are part of a new generation of the Rev'it family of protective riding jeans. Designed like regular jeans, you'll appreciate their spare, clean design. Whereas other riding gear is characterized by stitching lines in a number of places, the Jersey has stiches only where everyday jeans are stitched. Thus when you put them on, they have the same comfortable relax fit and low profile look as your other jeans, and they even come in a lightly washed finish. Don't think protection is thrown out for the sake of style. An outer shell of 12.5 ounce cordura denim (50% cotton, 30% polyester, 20% polyamide) is lined with a polycotton twill lining (50% cotton/ 50% polyester) and reinforced with a protective layer of PWR shielding, while a CoolMax element wicks away moisture to keep you comfortable in all temperatures. Rev'it Jersey Jeans are designed with rider-friendly features like triple side and back rise stitching, adjustable protector pockets, a comfort seat, and safety stitching along the inseam, and for that all important visibility - 3M Scotchlite reflective on the cuff turn-up.

Rev'it Philly Jeans

Rev'it Philly Jeans are one of the largest investments for Rev'it. These jeans come with premium features that are designed to provide an unsurpassed level of protection while staying stylish. They are designed to look ordinary jeans but include the strength and durability of Rev'it jeans. Rev'it has taken comfort to the next level, the reason that the fabric in these jeans is so stretchable is because of its weaving. Another amazing feature is the moisture-wicking function produced by its Coolmax element. This feature consists of a mechanism in the fiber that moves perspiration from the skin to the outer layer for easy evaporation. In addition, the Coolmax element offsets heat while keeping you cool and dry especially in long distance riding scenarios. These jeans are double-layered with PWR Shield knit protection at the seat and knees; allowing ease of movement and securing the safety of the rider. They also have increased resistance to tears, cuts, and abrasions. Philly jeans are made from a dark blue Condura denim fabric that retains the feel of cotton on denim and its authentic look. At the same time, this fabric preserves toughness and resiliency. Rev'it Philly Jeans will definitely be a favorite companion for your everyday riding.

Rev'it Nassau H20 Summer Gloves

If you are looking for the best motorcycle gloves for women, then look no further. Rev'it recently came out with the Nassau waterproof summer gloves: ladies' motorcycle gloves designed specifically to give female city riders the best on-the-road experience. These gloves come with several features that satisfy female city riders' demands for comfort, protection, and versatility. To give women adequate protection when they are on the road, Rev'it made sure to design the Nassau waterproof summer gloves with several features that will keep them safe. These ladies' gloves are made of specific materials that keep hands safe while allowing them to breathe by letting moisture escape and evaporate; making for a remarkably comfortable ride. For women with delicate hands, Rev'it included several features in the Nassau H20 summer gloves that make them not only ergonomic and adjustable, but also as supple as possible. These features ensure that female city riders will enjoy each and every ride. When it comes to motorcycle accessories, female city riders demand the best. They expect both protection and comfort. With the Nassau H20 Summer Gloves by Rev'it, women can rest assured that each ride will be safe, pleasant, and fun.

Rev'it Nassau H20 Ladies Summer Gloves

Hopefully you won't have to ride in the rain but if you do, you can't find a better glove than the Rev'it Nassau H20 Ladies Summer Glove. Its 100% polyurethane membrane does two-way double duty . Waterproof, it keeps rain out; breathable, it lets moisture escape from within to evaporate so your hands can reap the benefits of the soft 100% polyester tri-fleece lining. Made with women riders in mind, it has longer fingers and a long adjustable strap to provide not only a stylish city fit but a precise reach and feel for your bikes levers and switches. Features you don't find on a typical biker glove embellish each index finger - the left with a visor wiper of suede leather to keep the road in sight during a storm, and the right with a connect fingertip so you won't have to remove the glove should you need to use your smartphone during a stop.

Rev'it Mantra H20 Summer Gloves: A Review

If you're looking for the accessory that will complete your city rider outfit for this summer, you should check out the Rev'it Mantra H20 Summer Gloves. These gloves, designed specifically for male city riders, can give both protection and comfort while being worn seamlessly with any attire. Such versatility assures any male city riders that each trip will be great. Men who live in cities live multifaceted lives. Many of them are young professionals who have creative hobbies like photography, surfboarding, and graphic design. Men whose hobbies include motorcycle riding need accessories that they can wear anywhere and for any occasion without looking out of place. Simple, sturdy, and designed in a tasteful manner, the Rev'it Mantra H20 summer gloves are just the right accessory.

Rev'it Boxxer H20 Winter Gloves

The Rev'it Boxxer H20 Winter Gloves are for you if you ride long after the boys of summers are gone. The waterproof polyurethane membrane keeps rain out, and breathes to allow moisture to escape and evaporate, while the polyester liner cushions your hands in its soft tri-fleece. On the outside an 86% leather, 14% polyamide outer shell has a knit cuff to give even further insulation and a extra length adjustment strap at the elasticized wrist to give you the precision fit winter riding calls for. This city fit glove brings with it protective features like hard shell leather knuckles, reflective backs, Temperfoam reinforced palms and knuckles, and EVA reinforcing foam at all the fingers. The index finger of each glove provides thoughtful features, a suede leather visor wiper on the left and connect finger tip fabric on the right in case you have to consult your smartphone screen for directions. The Rev'it Boxxer H20 Winter Gloves are available in a choice of goatskin or suede leather, both with a waterproof finish.

Rev'it Antibes Ladies Glove

The Rev'it Antibes Ladies Glove is specifically designed for female hands to complement any fashion statement when combined with a rider's leather jacket and pants. Not only fashionable, these gloves also offer all-out protection for all types of riding conditions. Rev'it understands the sensitivity of female hands when compared to men. These gloves have stretched panels that support flexibility. This maximizes comfort while providing supreme freedom of movement. They are integrated with Eva foam which performs the function of a shock absorber to deliver convenience during all-terrain rides. Since Rev'it values your safety, the palm side of the glove is made of a hard shell palm slider which makes sure that your gloves remain steady even when riding in the toughest conditions. You are guaranteed tremendous durability and excellent tear and abrasion resistance since these gloves are made of 100% high performance polyamide material that is stitched with high-strength and long lasting PWR yarn. Rev'it Antibes Ladies Glove exceeds expectation since these gloves do not only come in stylish designs but also provide performance protection. These gloves also come in different sizes -- small to extra large to fit hands of all sizes. If you want the best protection for women riders, you should definitely get a pair of these gloves to ensure safety during every ride.

Rev'it Dominator GTX Gloves

The Rev'it Research and Development team has come up with another brilliant idea using Gore-Text Technology, bringing together the best characteristics of a motorcycle glove; waterproofing for dry hands, breathability for comfort and cooling when temperature rises, and maximum grip control. With all these combined features, riding during all four seasons will be more fun and enjoyable without compromising safety and protection. Sizes are available from Small through 3XL.