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Olympia Motocycle Gear History

Olympia Moto Sports has been in business for over 25 years. The company specializes in making high-quality protective gear for motorcyclists and motorsports enthusiasts. Olympia Moto Sports products are designed to fit better, resist impact, resist abrasion, and protect in all weather conditions. Common products in each design are the patented Cordura fabric and the way that technology is integrated into Olympia motorcycle gear. Olympia states that Cordura fabric is 2-14 times stronger than other nylon products. Other scientific breakthroughs like mesh gear and panels that can open help enhance their products.

Olympia Motorcycle Jacket Highlight

The Olympia jacket called the Men's Switchback Mesh Tech Jacket is one of the exciting products available. This jacket has two layers of protection. The first layer is made from a patented Cordura shell with mesh inserts to offer super protection. The second layer is waterproof and windproof with a breathable liner for comfort and dryness. Back protectors and elbow protectors are removable and custom fit detailing is made to fit riders of all shapes and sizes. 3M Scotchlite patented reflective panels make sure that riders are clearly visible in all weather conditions. This model even has a stylish look so riders do not have to carry an extra jacket or change of clothes on board. This saves space and leaves room for other important items.

Olympia Nova Vest

The Olympia Nova vest is designed for both personal use and for the use of military personnel. It has a very highly visible exterior with an abrasion resistant technology for safety and protection. There is a see through identification pocket for identification credentials so they are clearly visible and within easy reach while still being waterproof. Reflective panels ensure visibility in both dark and wet weather conditions.

Olympia Transition Gear

Olympia transition gear is designed for people who are going to be in and out of varying weather conditions and climates. Riders who will spend the day in their gear need a way to get some relief when the sun comes up while still having access to warm, full jackets when the sun goes down. Transition gear features panels that open up for maximum airflow and close for a tight fit when needed. This gear is perfect for those who plan on changing altitudes quickly, those that are travelling for long periods, and for those who are going in and out of cold and warm climates frequently.

Olympia gloves

Olympia gloves are created to perform as well as Olympia jackets and other motorcycle gear. Gloves are made to be abrasion resistant like jackets and pants. They are also made with gel palms, touchscreen fingers for technology access while wearing, and stay dry fabrics and materials. Olympia does not claim to be a fashion trendy company and offers gloves in black and five other colors. Motochanic is an authorized Olympia U.S. dealer.