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Motorcycle Vests

At Motochanic, we strive to offer you the highest quality motorcycle products on the market. We ride too, so we want our gear to be comfortable yet flexible with safety as our number one priority. Our line of vests, jackets, pants, boots, helmets, and accessories are chosen for their durable construction, customizable sizing, and quality materials.

Our Icon Motorcycle Vest, the Interceptor, comes in a mesh material made of reflective fabric to give you superior visibility and comfort. The safety vest ensures policemen, firemen, utility workers, and emergency personnel can be seen, even in the darkest conditions. Ties on the side give you customizable sizing for just the right fit. The Spidi Neck DPS Air-Bag Vest is made to offer you superior crash protection with the best neck protection available. This vest is the perfect addition to any sports riders wardrobe. The mesh makes the cooling vest extra comfortable on hot, summer days. Double-seamed zipper pockets provide a secure place for ID's, tools, and cell phones. For those looking for a heated vest for colder climates and outdoor activities, the Alpinestars Tech Vest with reinforced seams and double panels over the entire jacket, is one of the most favorite options. Riders prefer the stylish, modern design with crisp, clean lines and the Gerbing Heat System that always keeps them warm. You will also like the thin fabric that fits perfectly under any leather jacket or over long-sleeved shirts. The leather-trimmed waist adds a delicate detail that completes the style of the motorcycle vest. Since leather is such a classic material, riders often choose our Dainese Air Flux D1 Jacket with a microfiber cooling vest panel over luxuriously smooth fabric. The leather vest easily breathes with a classic style that goes with cowboy boots and thigh-high heels. The best part is that these vests are perfect for casual and workplace settings.

Sports riders prefer accessories like our armour panels that can be added to any of our jackets, like the Dainese N-Frame G-1 rated back armored vest. These kinds of safety vests protect our riders including those who work for the company. Our diverse collection of products is designed to give you choices between quality products that offer lasting benefits. Our motorcycle vests are made with safety, comfort, flexibility, and functional design in mind. All our leather vests and safety vest products are designed to make you look good at work, home, and especially on the bike.