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Motorcycle Helmets

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best motorcycle helmet?, What is the best Bluetooth helmet?, How to size a helmet? These questions have undoubtedly crossed your mind at one time or another. Making the choice to buy a new helmet is the beginning of a process that could be confusing at times, and might lead to new questions; can I wear a cheap helmet? How about a custom helmet? Why can some helmets cost so much? We know these questions because we get asked them all the time. It’s best to learn more about helmets and their features before you make a final purchasing decision. We sell helmets from many brands, but you might notice we don’t sell all brands. We take great care to select brands with a proven track record of performance and safety. Let’s get familiar with these brands, starting with a great selection of street bike helmets.

Full Face Street Bike Helmets

AGV is a well-known name in the motorcycle industry. Agv offers helmets that range from the entry-level K3SV to the AGV Pista GP. The AGV K3SV was developed with the experience that was gained using the design process for creating the Corsa, carbon fiber Pista GP, and AGV Numo models. This helmet is suitable for any rider who is looking for both high performance characteristics and comfort.

The AGV K3-SV has three front vents, a chin vent, and two extractors that provide maximum airflow to the head. Its aerodynamics minimizes noise, drag, and lift while ensuring stability. This helmet comes in plain colors, with graphics, and also the very popular Simoncelli/Lanone replicas.

Icon Helmets

Known for producing high quality helmet models that are sold at great value, Icon helmets provide quality comfort and provide style and protection. The Icon Alliance helmet, one of the company's top rated helmets, is made of the most advanced polycarbonate available on the market today. Its design makes riders feel comfortable with cooling ventilation and a positive chin-lock vent. This Snell M2000-approved icon helmet works well to provide both protection and style.

Shoei Helmets

Shoei helmets have earned a reputation for building top-tier, comfortable helmets that are included as one of the most critical pieces in a rider's safety arsenal. These helmets can be worn for any street riding application since they come with innovative features that provide a protection and comfort while you ride.

The Shoei RF1200 helmet is one of the most popular helmets from the Japanese firm's lineup. It has a specially engineered aerodynamic design and provides excellent insulation with the use of a large lower shutter vent that is located underneath the face shield. The RF1200 model value makes it the best full-face helmet on the market.

Scorpion Helmets

Known for creating full-face helmets with innovative features to include fog-free coating on the face shield and a flip down internal sun visor, Scorpion continues to impress riders with improved weight and ventilation in their latest revamped models. These helmets provide an exclusive ride with graphics and designs.

The Scorpion EXO-500 is one of the company's top-selling models that come in a variety of standard colors with cool Bio-Metal graphics. This helmet is ECE 22.05 and D.O.T. certified, but not Snell approved. It comes with a cool sneaker-like device that allows you to pump air into the helmet for a custom fit.

Bell Helmets

Bell is known for creating beautifully made helmets that are sold for great prices. The company has been around long enough to know what riders need for a comfortable ride. Most of their helmets are Snell-approved and all meet the D.O.T. standard.

Some popular helmet models offered by Bell helmet include the Qualifier, Revolver, Bullitt, RS-1, and the top of the line Bell racing helmet, the Star. These models provide great quality and outstanding ventilation and face shield system in addition to the extremely comfortable liners and padding. Check out the Bell Rouge half helmet, which comes in black and was designed with the intention of protecting against the elements. Its many features include a muzzle, which can be removed or adjusted based on your comfort while riding. A lightweight composite shell, speaker pockets, and comfortable interior makes the Bell Rogue the ideal helmet for a day out on the road. This helmets ranks in the top cool motorcycle helmets.

The Pit Boss half helmet comes in a variety of colors ranging from solid white, flames pink, titanium, to matte black. The helmet was created with a unique ultra-light Tri-Matrix material that makes it ideal for those who are concerned about weight. Its features include a lightweight composite shell, removable neck curtain; speed dial fit system, and a sunshade.

The Bell Drifter helmet features the revolutionary Speed Dial adjustable fit system. The helmet comes in black and it is very easy to use especially for riders looking for a simple but highly functional helmet. The Bell Drifter features include contour cheek pads, a rear goggle strap, and removable gear pads.

Half helmets are the ideal helmet of choice because they are small and lightweight, yet packed with features and safety options. They are also made from a variety of materials and come in various colors to suit your needs. These helmets also come with different linings and features to suit the modern day driver.

Dual Sport and Supermoto Helmets

Dual sports helmets and supermoto helmets offer comfort for both on and off road use. Common features include a drop-down sun visor with an adjustable peak, and you can choose whether to go for a traditional face shield or the dirt-style goggle. Some popular brand models include the Shark Explore-R Carbon helmet, Icon Variant, AGV AX-8 Naked helmet, and the Arai XD-5 helmet which is coming soon.

The carbon shell makes these helmets a lightweight choice and their superior versatile design gives you protection when you find yourself riding under heavy rain. You can find helmet linings that are both hypoallergenic and antibacterial; providing good absorption properties.

Owing to versatility, these helmets can easily be switched from a full-face helmet to a trail-style helmet just by attaching goggles and a visor that make them a good option for all types of terrain. You can also get to enjoy a good view of the surroundings as you ride with a panoramic field of vision equipped by an anti-fog system, making it easy for any riding condition. Glass wearers will not have a hard time wearing these helmets because they offer ultimate comfort.

The Explore-R is by far the most versatile helmet since it can be used under different conditions and whatever type of riding adventures you choose. Whether you use this helmet for your commute to the office, riding through hills, solo cruising, dirt racing, riding under the pouring rain, or even group touring, the Shark Explore-R as well as other models offer great performance that do not fall short in style.

Motocross and Off Road Helmets

For motocross enthusiasts, some of the best names in the industry include Fox, Klim, Bell, and Shoei. Fox includes a complete line of V-series helmets and Klim offers the F4 helmet, which is built with high-quality that fits comfortably and offers visor features for the best visibility. This off road helmet is also popular because it provides excellent ventilation. Not only do these helmets help riders stay cool in the summer but also it comes with a cold weather headliner for winter rides.

The Bell Moto-9 Carbon is a super lightweight motocross helmet that was designed and created for performance. With a variety of impressive features and styles, this is Bell’s top MX helmet. The Arai VX Pro 4 helmet is also quite popular since it is known as the world's most technical hand built motocross helmet.

Snowmobile Helmets

Before snowmobile helmets were designed, most riders would just use dirt helmets and use them on the snow. As a result, they rode with freezing air blowing on their faces as shield fogs made it hard to see on the road. With snowmobile helmets from companies like Klim, you can ride with ease on the snow while keeping your face warm while using an anti-fog shield.

Putting on the proper apparel and having all the required safety gear is important when planning for a safe and enjoyable snowmobile outing. Choose a helmet that offers great ventilation and an anti-fogging system. At the same time, it is important to choose a helmet that offers comfort and style like Klim.

Bluetooth Helmets

Cardo Scala Rider has built the best motorcycle communication systems out on the market, with products like the Cardo Scala Rider G9x and the Q3 Bluetooth, this system allows all helmets to be Bluetooth ready. Schuberth has also worked with Cardo on building their popular Bluetooth system for the following helmets Schuberth S2, Schuberth SR1, Schuberth C3 and Schuberth C3 Pro.

Helmet Safety Standards

It is very important for riders to be equipped with safety gear to prevent them from injuries. Protective gear is not only for racers but for casual riders as well.

Motorcycle helmets are designed to protect the head of every rider. As a result, there are standards in place to make sure that these helmets can provide a standard amount of protection. There are many standards of helmet certification including Snell standards, DOT, and ECE 22.05. These standards are independent of one another.

D.O.T. means Department of Transportation. Their standard for helmets is a U.S. regulation for designing good quality helmets for riders. The standard is called FMVSS 218, which is known as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard. This regulation is applicable for on-road use in the US. Helmet manufacturers in the US must certify their helmets under the DOT standard; the DOT emblem is affixed to the helmet to signify compliance.

To pass DOT standards, helmets are required to be tested for penetration resistance, impact resistance, basically energy absorption; and retention system effectiveness. Non-compliance of these tests may cost manufacturer penalties of up to $50,000.

On the other hand, ECE 22.05, where E.C.E. means Economic Commission for Europe, is a standard that is accepted and carried out in 47 countries. Tests to pass this standard are similar to the DOT standard. Impact absorption is done by a drop test from a specific height to measure the impact on the head form inserted inside the helmet. The retention systems as well as the chinstrap buckle are also tested to assure safety for riders.

The Snell helmet Standard was created by private and nonprofit organizations with the aim of helping manufacturers develop high-quality helmets. Many believe this is why Snell helmets are the safest of all. Snell is independent to DOT and ECE standards. Their standards for motorcycle helmets, auto racing, and even bicycle helmets are known to be the world's toughest. Although their standards are not required by any government or federal agencies, most race tracks require riders to have a Snell certification on their helmet before being allowed on the track.

It is important that protective gear for riders go through intense testing to ensure the safety of every rider. Knowing that you are wearing high quality, well-tested gear that can resist impact and abrasion can give you assurance whenever you go out for a ride.

Guide to Getting a Snug Fit Helmet

If you ride a motorcycle, you need to wear a helmet. Wearing a proper fitting helmet lessens head injuries for riders. As a result, it is important to know how to get a snug fitting helmet. A snug fit means choosing a helmet that is not too tight, not uncomfortable, and not too loose so that it does not move around your head during a ride.

You need to find out the circumference of your head, which is usually done by measuring about a half inch above your eyebrow. The measurement taken should give you an idea of what is the proper size when trying on a helmet. Most helmets are sold in sizes Small, Medium, Large or Extra Large. It is also a good idea to get the manufacturer's sizing equivalents.

When trying on a helmet, it should have a snug fit. There should be no room for movement. If you can insert your fingers into the helmet so that there is enough space to reach your thumb, then it means the helmet is too large for you. It may feel more comfortable, but such a space will make the helmet move around during the ride.

Before fastening the strap, the cheek cushions should touch your cheeks without pressing too hard. There should be no gap between the brow pads and your temples. The helmet's face shield should not come in contact with your nose or chin. Once the strap is fastened securely, try moving the helmet from left to right and up and down. A good fit indicator is when you try to move it down; it will not cover your eyes. Your head will move with the helmet.

You should wear the helmet for at least 15 minutes to make sure that it is not too tight. If you develop hot spots within this time, then the helmet is too tight for you. It is important to take time when choosing the right helmet for you.


Checkout our review of the best motorcycle helmet of the year, the AGV Pista GP and our motorcycle helmet guide of our top 5 motorcycle helmets in the market. Starting with the Bell Qualifier at $109.95 offering great bang for the buck. Then stepping up to the new AGV K3 SV that features a drop down shield starting in the mid $200’s. Moving forward to the Shark Raw helmet, this helmet has an aggressive fighter helmet look that’s priced at $289.95 while offering style and protection. Fourth on the list is the Shoei RF1200 helmet, coming with a pin lock visor and being the lightest Snell rated helmet in the family - this model is priced in the mid $400.00’s. Last we have the champion and winner of the best motorcycle helmet of the year for 2014. The AGV Pista GP is built with carbon fiber and features the best vision in its class and weight, while priced at $1399.95 that’s about $2600 less then the Arai carbon fiber helmet.

Motochanic is the best place to buy motorcycle helmets especially with our free shipping terms which apply to orders that are $35 or higher. In addition, we offer a wide selection of motorcycle helmets for every enthusiast including men and women.

When you are in the NYC area, you can visit the Motochanic Boutique, which is located at 5312 Park Ave, West New York, NJ. Open seven days a week, you can take advantage of no sales tax, free shipping, and free exchange. We are known as the premier motorcycle helmet NYC store; you can find your favorite brands and accessories for all of your riding needs.