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Lifestyle Motorcycle Clothing

Our Lifestyle line of products gives you everything you need to stay comfortable on a motorcycle. Our Urban designed motorcycle T-shirts, jeans, shoes, sneakers, motorcycle boots, sunglasses, sweaters, hoodies, hats, and motorcycle bags give you a variety of designer products to choose from when shopping with us. Whether you are looking for clothes or accessories, our styles are sure to please with options like items with YKK zippers and flexible panels for custom sizing. Our motorcycle jeans are made from a superior construction supported with double seams, durable thread, and quality denim. Stitched knee panels allow the leg to naturally flex while giving extra padding over the knee. Tight leg cuffs keep wind out of the jeans and preventing you from getting cold when riding at night or in the rain. We have motorcycle boots made by the top designers including Dainese, TCX, Alpinestars, KLIM, Stylmartin, and REV'IT. They are made with durable leather panels treated to be waterproof with extra closing fasteners like Velcro over the laces. Inside, padded polyurethane inserts protect the ankles and feet without being uncomfortable to wear all day long. Our boot lines are almost as diverse as our line of jackets. We have motorcycle sunglasses and other accessories to go with your riding outfit. Our leather pants made from brands ICON feature the 1000 line of products. We also have Roland Sands, Dianese, and Mission Workshop bags. We have Ogio bags to carry all your keys, phones, and wallets with ease and style. Our t-shirts are comfortable enough to be worn separate and fit perfectly under our line of exclusive leather jackets. 
Our motorcycle jackets have the widest variety of options available. We have models like the Dainese Concorde with the patented Gore-Tex fabric that provides you with super waterproof qualities and cinching wrist, chin, and waist straps. The Icon 1000 Beltway Jacket has a double fastening front flap for extra waterproofing and secure pockets to put your ID, cell phone, money, and paperwork. The Roland Sands Barfly Jacket is made with premium leather with a perforated mesh panel that allows maximum airflow for the stuffy nights and double seams for a durable construction built to last. There are plenty of enticing options to shop in our motorcycle jacket lines. Our motorcycle T-shirts are made with urban designs along with manufacturer logos from ICON and Alpinestars. The Executive Wallet from Alpinestars is sleek and smooth enough to wear while riding, but classy enough to look good when you pull it out to pay for lunch with your boss. The women's T-shirt versions are perfect for sleeping in on Saturday or while riding behind your man on a Sunday ride through the countryside. When you need a place to put your gear, try one of our classically designed Oakley motorcycle bags or our Ogio motorcycle bags. All our styles are designed to fit into the urban atmosphere while having the right places to put all your stuff, so it is easy to grab when jumping on the bike. Take the bag to your corporate meeting or fill it with towels and sweats on your way to the gym. We strive to offer your products that do double duty by meeting your needs and giving you a little extra for buying our brands. 

Our shoes and sneakers are designed to be worn on the bike, to work on casual days, or at school. Breathable liners and moisture-wicking materials keep you cool and comfortable whether you are riding or not. Secure fasteners let you go from school to riding in a snap with no need to change shoes. Our models have ankle protectors, heel guards, toe inserts, and arch support to protect your feet at all times. At Motochanic, we want you to leave us satisfied that your purchase meets or exceeds your expectations because we strive to offer you the best motorcycle products on the market. We want you to have access to the latest technologies and most innovative creations available.