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Icon Motorcycle Gear History

Icon Motorsports is the creator of premium and stylish motorcycle gear, street gear, casual gear, the Icon 1000 line, and motorcycle accessories. Jason Britton sports the Icon line of products everywhere he goes while showing tricks and sick spins on his motorcycle. Icon also creates their own line of motorcycle helmets and footwear that performs perfectly in street races and competitions all across the world.

Icon Motorcycle Helmets & Gear

An Icon helmet offers riders a lot of great options. The Icon Airmada brand of helmets offers dual channel vents with intake and exhaust vents for extra ventilation. These vents are recessed to help keep the helmet as aerodynamic as possible. Icon helmet’s rapid release systems let rider's change face shields quickly for easy escape from the sun. An adjustable vent system also allows for reduced or increased air flow depending on rider need. Icon Airframe, Variant, and Alliance are the other lines of Icon helmets offers. The Icon motorcycle jackets offer riders a functional yet very stylish design. In the Icon men's jacket line, there are choices like the Icon 1000 jackets, leather, and waterproof options. A typical Icon leather jacket has features like removable elbow and shoulder armor protection, perforation in specific places for optimal airflow, and a removable back pad. An Icon 1000 jacket has added features like premium grade leather dying, certified and removable protection for the shoulder and elbow, and a satin inner liner. Icon gloves are created in different lines for men and women. Some of these Icon gloves use the Kangaroo leather for quality and durability. The Icon Hella Kangaroo glove for example has knuckle armor built into the gloves to protect the rider's hands. They also have a chrome knuckle trim and a double closing system for a snug fit and superior protection. Gloves with built-in touchscreen technology are available so riders don't have to take their gloves off to answer the phone. There are others that offer an enclosed design for a warmer glove. Icon boots are made with premium leather materials, padded shin panels, and molded heel plates to give men and women the optimum in riding safety and protection. Icon boots come in a variety of styles and features, including Icon waterproof boots for all-weather riding. Icon 1000 products are designed to be the best of the best in the street scene. High quality leathers, certified armor protection, luxury materials like satin, and performance enhancing characteristics are standard on the Icon 1000 gear. Icon 1000 jackets and boots are among the best in style and protection. This line is the most sophisticated set of products that Icon offers street racers and motorcycle enthusiasts. Only the best items with the most advanced technology and freshest innovative techniques are picked for this special line. Icon makes an entire line of women's products created specifically for the smaller size and features that women have. Tapered waists, necks, and elbow areas allow Icon women's clothing to fit snugger keeping a lady warmer and more comfortable. Icon lady specific gear also takes into account the smaller feet and head of women. Icon women’s jackets come with removable pads and protection plates just like the Icon men's jackets.