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Givi History

Giuseppe Visenzi created Givi, in Italy, after a successful motorcycle championship in 1969. He brought his passion for motorcycles and the need for safe and useful products to the design room with Givi luggage. That was more than 35 years ago and Givi is still a strong leader in motorcycle luggage and accessories. Currently, Givi is moving to create motorcycle helmets that compete with the safest in the world.There are two things that make Givi a leader among premium motorcycle helmet and accessory companies. These are a commitment to stay on the cutting edge of technology through research and constant innovation and making every product by hand. Givi is available in Italy, Europe, and the United States. Givi accessories are both functional and stylish. They are the perfect addition to any motorcycle rider's gear and look.

Givi Motorcycle Cases

Givi motorcycle luggage has five main lines of hard motorcycle cases. These top cases and side cases are built to last and to travel long hours. Givi Monokey cases, Monolock cases, the Tech Series, and the Givi Trekker Series are the different lines of top cases and side cases available. Monokey cases are able to be placed on the saddle bag or on the trunk of a motorcycle or scooter. Monolock cases are trunk mounted only, but they are lighter than Monokey cases. Monokey side cases are designed for the saddle bag area only and offer stock looks and complete designs. The Tech series cases offer smoked lenses, silver accents, and easy push button access. The Trekker series offers motorcycle and scooter rider's a waterproof motorcycle case that is lockable and it is even easy to remove, if needed. Givi also makes a line of accessories to go with cases like pads and liners. They offer back pads for passengers so the ride is smoother and more comfortable. Brake light kits help traffic identify motorcyclists easier and help offer the best safety possible. Monokey mounts let riders position cases right where they want them. Colored covers help accessorize motorcycles and liners help protect delicate items. There are several styles and functions available in the Givi soft motorcycle bag line of products. There are bags that attach to saddle bars, to the sissy bars, and bags designed for carrying tools. There are bags with easy locking for securing small items, there are bags that are waterproof for those times rider's get caught in wet weather conditions. Adjustable or removable straps allow the rider to take the bag with them. Reflective panels help increase rider's visibility. Some models come with rain covers, fastening kits, and can hold a lot of weight. Givi luggage can be mounted to the bike or scooter with a universal after-market mounting system or with a specific mount. Givi bags come as shoulder bags, waist bags, and mounted bags. Each system has benefits to riders and multiple bags can be used. For instance, a rider can use a shoulder bag, a mounted lockable model, and a waist bag to carry personal effects, bottled water, snacks, and a change of clothes.

Givi Helmets

Givi's most recent venture is making motorcycle helmets and scooter helmets. The Givi Explorer helmet has a quick release chin bar, but looks like a full face helmet. It has two chin guards that limit or expand air flow depending on the climate and temperature. A drop down sun visor helps rider's protect their eyes from sun glare quickly. Finally, cheek pads and liners remove for easy washing. Givi helmets are available in the USA from The Givi X.01 Tourer Helmet design is created for hard core riders with a removable chin guard that allows a full face or half face look easily. Another great feature is the rear spoiler that helps aid in aerodynamic flow over the helmet. Easy clean liners and a sun visor offer the same safety features as the Explorer. A quick release helmet strap lets rider's get their helmet off quickly. This Givi helmet is one of the coolest looking helmets on the market.

Givi Windshields

Givi makes several lines of motorcycle windshields and windscreens called the A-series, the A-F series, and the D series. The A series is a line of Givi universal motorcycle windshield products while the A-F series are products with increased airflow. The D series is available in different tints and comes with a taller line of windscreens for better safety. Givi also makes fog lights and universal mounting kits. These products allow motorcycle and scooter riders to customize their rides and add safety features with a little bit of pizzazz.