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Gerbing Heated Clothing History

Gerbing makes high-quality heated clothing and heated motorcycle gear and apparel for hunters, motorcyclists and those outdoor looking to stay warm. The company was started in Washington State by Gordon Gerbing in the 1970's. It flourished under son Jeff Gerbing and by 1996 Gerbing was making products for motorcycle giant Harley-Davidson. Gerbing expanded their apparel line to include heated gloves and clothing for riders living in colder and wetter climates like Olympia, WA. Gerbing heated clothing features Gerbing Thermovelocity Protection, a wired technology that plugs into small batteries for access to warmth while participating in a wide variety of activities. Motorcycle riders in cold climates use this technology, but so do skydivers, skiers, snowboarders, and hunters. Heated gloves, electric gloves, and battery powered gloves are a Gerbing staple.

Heated vests and jackets often feature premium materials like multiple layers to help windproof jackets and vests, waterproof jackets to keep out the rain, snow, and ice, and wired models to heat up consumers in cold areas. Complete the outfit with a pair of heated gloves from Gerbing. Thick fleece with water and wind resistant protection helps keep users comfortable for hours no matter what the conditions. Mountain climbers can stay warm no matter how high they climb or how low the temperatures drop. Heated vests and jackets are a must have for any outdoor adventure in cold temperatures. Gerbing products contain innovative technologies like "nanowire" that is a waterproof wiring system sewn into products and soldered to battery packs. The user can turn the clothing on and become warm quickly. A Gerbing heated jacket has technologies like "CoreHeat" and "microwire" that use a combination of wired clothing and battery packs to keep sports enthusiasts comfortable for hours in cold conditions. Heated vests are also made with the same technologies. These technologies have been developed and studied by Gerbing to offer users the ultimate in heated clothing and apparel. From the choice in material to the layering of the materials, Gerbing products are designed to perform at high standards. People in many fields from sports to talk shows show off their Gerbing gear and get requests for places to find the stylish and functional heated clothing on a regular basis. Heated battery gloves, heated ski gloves, and Gerbing heated motorcycle gloves allow snow lovers, motorcycle riders, and sports enthusiasts the ability and freedom to hunt, ski, or ride for hours on end. The heated clothing and accessories made by Gerbing are very versatile and can serve many kinds of workers, students, outdoor enthusiasts, and professional athletes. Heated golf seat covers, heated stadium seat covers, and heated face masks are perfect for spectators and avid golfers. These types of products can also be used to stay warm when ice fishing, camping in the mountains. Students in cold climates like Alaska or Washington State can benefit from Gerbing apparel and accessories.

Gerbing 2015

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