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Fox Racing

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Fox Racing History

Fox Racing started off as a small company in California in 1974 founded by Geoff Fox. Fox began the company as an after-market suspension and engine parts company, but quickly turned to producing clothing for Motocross. Fox wanted to build quality products that could hold up against those made by extremely competitive Japanese manufacturers. For a while, Fox even owned his own motocross team called Moto-X Fox. He placed his riders and his equipment against the best in the world with superior quality and durable parts. Fox ranked in the top 5 and top 10 after the first year of racing was over. Since then, the company has worked with famous riders in Motocross and Super cross like Rickey Carmichael and James Stewart, both Championship leaders in their sport, to create tougher, harder working clothing and parts for sports riders. Fox still manufactures racing components and apparel with the Fox name, the only difference is that Geoff's children now run the company with the vision that their dad created decades ago. Fox apparel and Fox gear are made from the highest quality parts and materials. Every item is tested for durability, strength, and fit. Each product is designed to hold up under harsh racing conditions like those seen in Motocross. The proper fit and the right attributes are what make these products some of the best on the market. Premium materials, tested systems, and quality craftsmanship is what sets Fox Racing products apart from others on the market.

Fox Motocross Helmets

A Fox Motocross helmet has premium attributes and features like dual density EPS liners, extra intake and exhaust valves, and molded contours for the ultimate fit and comfort. The strongest and most impact resistant carbon fiber materials are used to make Fox Motocross helmets. Each one is constructed with the most recent technological advances and the highest engineering standards. Fox helmets often exceed DOT and SNELL specifications for the highest quality available to riders all across the world. 

Fox Motocross Boots 

Fox boots are created from the same stringent testing and engineering that helmets are made with. Each pair of boots is designed to give Motocross riders and off road riders the best fit, the most durable materials, and the sleekest, streamlined aerodynamics. Comfort is second to none with molded contours created from real rider's measurements and the highest quality materials. Riders are protected with patented systems that protect the rider's ankles, feet, and legs from injuries and burns. Special buckle enclosures with durable clasps keep boots snugly against the rider's ankle and shin. Fox products are created for serious motorcycle enthusiasts, competition riders, and the everyday rider. Clothing, boots, and helmets are made for hours and days of wear and tear so they withstand the elements and offer superior durability. Each product is created with extensive research, innovative engineering techniques, and by workers who maintain the high standards set by Geoff Fox decades ago. When a motorcycle rider buys a Fox product, they are buying something that is designed specifically for long-term use, extreme comfort, and superior performance. Fox products are among the best rated products on the market and they are tested to outlive the competition through strength, durability, and comfort. Riders immediately notice a difference in the feel, look, and design of Fox products versus the competitions products.