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Dainese History

The Dainese brand has been known for producing premium motorcycle jackets with great features. Lino Dainese, who serves as the President of the company today, established the company in 1972. Since the Italian company's inception, they have been trying to provide technical and safety motorcycle products all over the world. When visiting the company's headquarters, which is located in Vicenza, Italy, one of the first things that you will notice is the Dainese history that is displayed on the wall. The history depicts the developments of the company since it first started along with the names of the motorbike legends. Dainese continues to sponsor recognized racers, including Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden. Dainese's goal is to give rider’s maximum safety and design whenever they are on their motorcycle. In 1976, Giacomo Agostini, a legend who took home the World Champion title in racing 15 times began to wear Dainese motorcycle gear. Before the 70s ended, Dainese collaborated with Barry Sheene so that they could launch a new collection, the back protector which offered complex protection when sliding. The next year, the company introduced its first knee sliders, which were worn by the famous riders at that time. Gloves were also presented to the public during this year. By the mid-80s and throughout the decade, the company decided to improve impact absorption. This was when the first motorcycle boots from Dainese were offered to riders. The company has its own research center called the Dainese Safety Program or D-TEC where doctors, technicians, and engineers have been working since 1993. This is where innovations and discoveries are made to make the Dainese gear even better. Just a few years later, a new boots arrived with the D-Axial system and carbon bracing that restricted the amount of twisting of the ankle. This boots technology is still being used today and worn on racetracks. 2000 was the year when Dainese D Air was introduced, but it was not until 2011 when it first came out after a series of tests and studies. Meanwhile, in 2002, the 4th gen back protector called Wave was presented where many critics praised the ventilation system. Until today, Dainese is a name that professional riders use and trust. In fact, many are already looking forward to the Dainese 2015 collection, which will definitely be a huge hit again for Dainese fans.

Dainese Size and Fit

Dainese offers a European style fit vs an American relaxed fit. For question about sizing contact us via phone or email and don’t forget to check out our Dainese size chart.

Why Buy Dainese Gear

9-time MotoGP champion of the world Valentino Rossi uses Dainese motorcycle gear along with the other renowned names in motorcycle racing. Dainese has been around since 1972 the company has been creating some of the best motorcycle apparel since its inception. Dainese is a premium brand with its own research center dedicated to achieve progress in safety, design and technology. If you want to buy Dainese gear and you are in the New York City (NYC), New Jersey area, visit the Motochanic Boutique where you can find the latest in Dainese gear and accessories.