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Arai Helmets History

The Arai Helmet Company has been family owned and operated for three generations. The very same people that design, inspect, and make the helmets are motorcycle enthusiasts and riders as well. Their products are not just designed for the general public and racers, but also their families, their coworkers, and their friends. When Arai helmets are purchased, the company has made sure that the very best helmet was created for the customer. Consumer comfort, quality, durability, aerodynamics, and performance are just part of the science behind each helmet style and design. Arai motorcycle helmets are very different than the typical motorcycle helmet. An Aria helmet is designed to greatly exceed the standard testing parameters set by DOT and Snell because Arai believes in achieving "real world" protection and safety requirements. Every employee is taught how to do each step in creating a helmet so that they understand how their job fits into the overall helmet design. Arai has reached number one status in customer satisfaction and have been given JD Power and Associates award for the past 13 years in a row.

Motorcycle Helmet Quality

Arai inspects each and every helmet they make three times. The first time the helmet is inspected is when the shell is made. Each shell is created to slide over rough surfaces with greater ease, to roll easily off from each surface, and to stand up to the highest impact possible so that it protects the rider better than any other helmet. The perfect curve of the shell is necessary to make sure the helmet can slide and roll instead of slamming to a sudden stop.

The second quality inspection is after the helmet is painted and decals are placed so that the high level of quality is continued through this process. It takes painstaking work to make sure that the paint and decals are put in the correct place. Arai helmets can be found on the Motocross track, in MotoGP, in NASCAR, on Formula 1 drivers heads, and on Indy Car racers.

A final inspection is made after the inner linings and padding are added. The padding is created with elastic straps to pull the padding out of the way easily when taking the helmet on and off, but also so the padding rests comfortably against the cheek, under the chin, and around the head of the rider. The padding is molded after real facial features so the ultimate in comfort and safety is achieved.

Arai believes in 100% inspections on helmets to make sure they all meet the stringent standards and guidelines created by the Arai family. Every detail down to each and every air intake and exhaust channel is created with a specific purpose. Aerodynamics is a huge part of creating the right helmet design and how the air travels over each part of the helmet makes a big difference to the Arai family.

Check the Arai helmet size chart for the proper fit. We currently offer an Arai helmet sale at 10% off adding greater value to a great product.