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Alpinestars History

If you have heard of big names in the motorcycle and auto racing industry like Kurt Busch, Juan Pablo Montoya, Fernando Alonso, Ricky Johnson, Kevin Schwartz, then you probably know that Alpinestars played an integral role in the success of these champions.  This company has a deep history in road racing that started back in the early 1960's and continues its tradition today. It is now a top designer and researcher for racing's top athletes to provide top quality products that can handle the most extreme conditions for racing athletes and motorcycle riders.

In 1963, a leather craftsman who lived in a small town in Northern Italy named Sante Mazzarolo began producing hiking, ski boots, and other products. He decided to use the Alpinestars moniker, which was named after the Alpine Star flower. During this time, motocross was just beginning to establish itself as a sport as popularity continued to spread through Europe. Sante was able to realize an opportunity to apply his skills to designing footwear that would meet the needs of motocross riders. As a result, a future icon was created in the form of a revolutionary boot that set itself as the example for motocross protection design.

Alpinestars continued to evolve and it eventually branched out into nearly all motorsports segments. The company entered the motorcycle market in the late 1970s, implementing new levels of protection and toe sliders that helped catapult the attention of Alpinestars boots and other products by top riders. Brand popularity also increased when 3-time MotoGP champion Kenny Roberts featured Alpinestars boots at races held around the world.

The company began to get involved auto racing in 1990 and its brand is well respected by top drivers in F1, WRC, Sportscar, and CART. Developing top quality products for the best racers continues to be a priority for Alpinestars. The company's products appeal to racers with its classic Italian aesthetic and timeless rebel-style from the early 1960s, continues that tradition today.

Alpinestars 2015 Collection Review

Alpinestars Race Suits

Alpinestars offers a huge selection when it comes to high performance protective gear; race suits are no exception. Its top-of-the-line race suits are worn by both amateur and professional riders who want the best in terms of comfort and protection. The company's most recent suit development is the Tech Air (airbag) system. For the ultimate protection, this race suit provides impact protection that is similar to a car airbag. Since 2012, this system is retrofitted in the back hump of the Alpinestars professional race suits. Nearly one mile of thread is used for the stitching design of each suit. The body is constructed of 1.3mm full-grain leather, providing a supple feel that offers a high level of abrasion resistance. Since leather suits are one of the most critical pieces of equipment that is needed for racing, careful planning, design, assembly, and construction all come together to make some of the best products that Alpinestars has to offer.

Alpinestars Leather Jackets

Alpinestars continues to develop and construct one of the best leather motorcycle jackets in the market today. All Jackets feature CE armor on the shoulders and elbows. The New Alpinestars GP Pro jacket offers the exact protection you would find from the top portion of a race suit. The new Alpinestars GP Pro jacket also features a race hump, 1.3mm super grain leather and with its PU sliders on the shoulder and elbow this jacket will keep the new generation of elbow draggers covered.

For comfort and protection, the next piece of gear that comes after the helmet, jacket and pants is a pair of gloves. Alpinestars offers one of the best Gore-Tex, waterproof, race and street gloves available in the market. The new Alpinestars SMX-3 Air Carbon gloves offer great value for a summer glove and maximum airflow. Alpinestars truly understands the needs of riders from street, adventure, motocross and racing. They specialize in areas that only a company with their amount of research and development can do.

Alpinestars Size Chart

When selecting an Alpinestars product, be sure to look at Alpinestars size chart info to make sure that you get the perfect fit. You can use this chart to measure chest, waist, hip, thigh, inseam, and arm length.

When shopping for the latest Alpinestars motorcycle gear in New York City (Alpinestars NYC) and New Jersey, make sure to check out the Motochanic Boutique, as we are the premier motorcycle dealer offering the best brands you can find. 


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