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AGV Helmets History

Leather and skin were the materials that helped create the first AGV helmet. During the 1950s in the years of Italian economic growth, the leather caps made by AGV were a preferred choice by pilots. Since the dawn of the full-face helmet, AGV has been a leader in the creation of innovative helmet designs aimed at the improvement, protection, and comfort for riders. Offering a variety of products for racing, GT, Street Road, City, Off-Road, as well as a ton of accessories, AGV offers everything a passionate rider needs to enjoy the thrill of riding safely and comfortably. In 1945, Gino Amisano, an accountant in Valenza, Italy decided to go into business with two other partners and eventually formed AGV. The company targeted cyclists and later motorcycle riders who would buy saddle covers and backrest pads for their Labrettas and Vespas. After marriage in 1947, Gino continued selling saddle covers when he noticed that motorcycle racers seemed better equipped when they wore leather berets. This idea began first as a leather helmet design and eventually transitioned into the designs that you see today.With the introduction of fiberglass in the 1950s, Gino was able to take his business to the next level with the creation of the modern crash helmet using fiberglass shells.


He introduced the first model known as the 160 and the success of this helmet made AGV a widely recognized brand soon after. The company continued to grow during the 1950s and 1960s to become a legendary worldwide brand that has definitely made a place in history. Today's helmets designed by AGV are literally constructed around your head. With the use of 3-D laser scanning, helmets are designed to be ergonomic, safe, and comfortable. Since all helmets are manufactured using AGV EXTREME standards, you can be sure to get a comfortable and safe ride with an AGV helmet.


AGV K3 SV Helmet

If you’re a rider or simply a fan of the racing world, then the AGV K3 SV Helmet is the ideal helmet for you. This helmet comes complete with Valentino Rossi helmet graphics and Pista GP lines. Its features include Dry-Lex fabric, removable and washable inside padding, one shell size, double D-ring retention system, parametrical visor seal, front air intakes, and rear extractors. This model is a high-quality entry-level helmet that is safe, has an attractive design and comes with a modest price. In comparison to similar helmets on the market in terms of level, style, and recognition, the AGV K3 SV helmet stands above all the others.


Tips for Buying AGV Motorcycle Helmets

When shopping for a motorcycle helmet, it is important to know AGV helmet sizing. Helmet sizes ranges from XS to 3XL. Once you have determined which AGV model you want to purchase, you can refer to our AGV helmet size chart. There are times when you can find an AGV helmet sale. Prices of some models may get reduced as newer ones are introduced.