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Motorcycle Touring Gear & Helmets

Touring on your motorcycle requires the right gear, especially if you are heading out on an adventurous road trip. Make Motochanic’s adventure gear your travelling partner for the perfect riding experience!

We understand that your adventure and sport touring motorcycle is not just about the cross-country long distance touring ride; it's about the freedom, the scenic view and the wonderful people we meet in our journey of riding. Whether you're preparing for a long distance ride on a Triumph Tiger; or simply bringing out your BMW GS that's been around the world for your next Adventure; we focus on embracing the ADV and sport touring culture. We are also proud to carry brands that offer the most advanced technology for Adventure & Sport Touring motorcycle gear. Safety and protection is always an important aspect for any motorcycle rider especially if they intend to ride through all-weather conditions. The proper clothing and safety is paramount to a successful and enjoyable ride.

In addition, comfort and style should also be considered especially when choosing the right helmet, jackets, gloves, and riding boots. There is nothing like comfortable riding gear and enjoying the best views and places on your motorcycle.

Investing in proper motorcycle touring gear is the most important investment you can make after purchasing your adventure motorcycle. Gore-Tex gear has been tested to ensure breathability since it allows sweat to evaporate easily. All Gore-Tex jackets, boots, gloves, and pants are all made of special fabrics that provide longer durability and better performance during any extreme weather conditions. Gore products are made for touring riders to achieve greater enjoyment for a once in a lifetime escapade.

One of the best parts about motorcycle riding is the ability to travel long distances on roads, rain or shine. Riders should always keep safety in mind especially when riding in cold weather; this is where the use of proper heated gear comes into play. With Gerbing Heated Clothing, you can keep yourself warm and dry while riding through rain and snow. Gerbing motorcycle products utilize heating technology that will keep you warm inside despite the harshest of conditions. Gerbing is a leading innovator in the heated clothing industry with over 30 years of experience and all products are battery and power outlet enabled. The company's goal is to provide a better outfit that will keep you warm during cold weather conditions and extend your riding hours.

One of the brands many riders and us often recommend is Dainese. This brand offers premium motorcycle jackets and gear that provide both protection and comfort. The Dainese D-Explorer Gore-Tex jacket and pants as well as Dainese Germain Gore-Tex boots have both received very good reviews from experienced motorcycle riders. Staying true to their Italian roots, Dainese has been known for making very good quality protective wear for motorcycle riders with innovate designs that fit today's motorcycle riding generation.

Widely known for they’re off-road and snowmobile product, Klim Gear has developed amazing motorcycle touring gear for the world. Their dedication to provide top quality products to people continues to be the company's main goal. Using the best technology for waterproofing and protection, each of the brand's models provide excellent riding comfort under all-weather conditions.

While riding, it is important to use the best motorcycle gear that protects you from rain heat and the sun when on a long journey with your bike. Olympia motorcycle gear has all the technical functionality every rider needs on the road. Their motorcycle touring gear has been tested on the road by many riders and has received positive reviews. The improved classic styling of Olympia motorcycle gear never compromises its standard especially since they are now one of the fastest growing motorcycle riding gear companies in the US.

Schuberth helmets and Shark helmets are both established as leading brands when it comes to motorcycle head protection. In fact, many riders consider the Schuberth C3 PRO and the Shark Evoline 4 as the best motorcycle touring helmets. These models are stylish and have the right technology and protection.

All of these products will help you enjoy your journey to all of your favorite destinations with comfort and proper protection. If you are in the New York area, visit the Motochanic Motorcycle Adventure and Sport Touring World for all your premium adventure and bmw touring gear needs.

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