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About Motochanic

At Motochanic our vision is to provide everyone with a premium customer service experience and unsurpassed expert knowledge every time. We believe, and you will see, that the Motochanic experience is what sets us apart from the competition.

We are not just an online store; our West New York, NJ boutique which is located just outside of New York City is THE place where motorcycle enthusiasts from near and far come together to share their passion with other riders who appreciate the high-class service and quality knowledge of our gear experts.

If there is anything we can do to make your experience with us a better one let us know!

At your service,
The Motochanic Team

Ivan Ferrera
Ivan Ferrera
Ecommerce / IT Operations

As a rider, I wouldn't ride with just any brand. Motochanic carries products with a rich history and heritage that reflected our belief in quality and performance, and that's why we don't just sell any brand. When we sell a product on or at the boutique, it's because we believe in the brand and we know our customers will approve.

Facts about Ivan

Instagram - @ivanferrera

Julio Grullon
Retail Operations Manager

We are a motorcycle lifestyle company that connects quality and service from the brands that are loved and respected in the motorcycle world. In 2011 we transformed the industry by creating the first Motochanic boutique, our vision of service began as customers and with a professional retail, and technology background we connected and built the Motochanic experience.

Facts about Julio

  • Biggest Influence: Steve Jobs
  • Favorite Music Album: Illmatic
  • Favorite Super Hero: Blade
  • Favorite Movie: Equilibrium
  • Secret Talent: Does not sleep.

Instagram - @juliofgrullon

Julio Grullon


I've been a repeat customer here for one reason above all others, they are FANTASTIC people who care about their customers, products, and making sure everyone is happy at the end of the day.

- RL, New York